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Disability and Equality Scheme (Accessibility Plan) 2019-... 264.3KB 26/11/2020
Supporting Children with Cognition and Learning Needs (CL) at Home Resources
       AtHomeWith_Maths5-7.pdf 4.1MB 26/11/2020
       AtHomeWith_Phonics5-7.pdf 7.2MB 26/11/2020
       AtHomeWith_TimesTables5-7.pdf 3.3MB 26/11/2020
       Blank lvels of questioning for reading comprehension.pdf 37.7KB 26/11/2020
       Bond_MathsPuzzles_Tricky_SwingingOnAStar.pdf 1.5MB 26/11/2020
       build-a-sentence-i-see-three-big-fish_FISHY.pdf 69.2KB 26/11/2020
       colourful semantics silly sentences cards to order and us... 5.4MB 26/11/2020
       CommonExceptionWords_Y1.pdf 103.0KB 26/11/2020
       OxOwl_Three_little_frogs.pdf 790.2KB 26/11/2020
       phase 5 games.zip 40.7KB 26/11/2020
       PWO_Age_3_4_ABC missing letter.pdf 321.7KB 26/11/2020
       PX_MathsContent_BK_CountingInSchool_01_CH.pdf 8.3MB 26/11/2020
       PX_MathsContent_BK_MultiplicationInSchool_01_CH_6b.pdf 3.6MB 26/11/2020
       RWBCK_Telling_the_Time_Worksheet.pdf 884.8KB 26/11/2020
       SEND Support EHCP Home learning opportunities cognition a... 33.6KB 26/11/2020
       T-L-2412-Simple-Sentence-Writing-Prompt-Pictures_ver_4.pdf 1.1MB 26/11/2020
       t-s-3380-reading-comprehension-three-key-word-activity-sh... 1.8MB 26/11/2020
       t-s-4413-reading-comprehension-ndash-three-key-words-acti... 628.8KB 26/11/2020
       Cognition & Learning MLD Supporting in the classroom.pdf 43.1KB 07/01/2022
Supporting Children with Communication & Interaction Needs (CI) at Home Resources
       2nd level speech and language home activities.jpg 205.5KB 26/11/2020
       40 Barrier games.pdf 3.7MB 26/11/2020
       52_Teaching_Basic_Concepts.pdf 305.2KB 26/11/2020
       469_WorkingMemory.pdf 165.4KB 26/11/2020
       560_SnowmanActivity guess my snowman pdf.pdf 4.7MB 26/11/2020
       Activities-Develop-Expressive-Language-Skills-Prim-7years... 1007.8KB 26/11/2020
       Barrier games.pdf 257.1KB 26/11/2020
       BarrierGamesforReceptiveandExpressiveLanguageBuildaCupcak... 8.9MB 26/11/2020
       basic concepts.pdf 252.2KB 26/11/2020
       Communicati0n_Cookbook activities and advice speech and l... 16.2MB 26/11/2020
       conversation cards.pdf 2.3MB 26/11/2020
       different ways of following directions.pdf 215.1KB 26/11/2020
       Early Level Speech and language home activities.jpg 126.1KB 26/11/2020
       first level speech and langauge activities.jpg 145.9KB 26/11/2020
       Following_2_Step_Instructions.pdf 802.0KB 26/11/2020
       FREE Speech and language, OT, and many other SEND resourc... 0.1KB 26/11/2020
       Guess my monster.pdf 2.0MB 26/11/2020
       guess the category.pdf 1.9MB 26/11/2020
       HANDOUT-unclear-speech.pdf 187.8KB 26/11/2020
       how qs.pdf 1.8MB 26/11/2020
       Listen and colour 3 key words.pdf 391.7KB 26/11/2020
       Mystery Picture Hunt following directions.pdf 2.1MB 26/11/2020
       name-5-things-categories-card-game.pdf 1.5MB 26/11/2020
       Opposites.pdf 453.7KB 26/11/2020
       pics vocab basic concepts cateogry rhyming words memory g... 2.5MB 26/11/2020
       Prepositions.pdf 466.6KB 26/11/2020
       Suggested speech and language apps for -4-7-year-apps.pdf 286.0KB 26/11/2020
       t-s-1230-listen-and-repeat-auditory-memory-cards-_ver_3.pdf 40.1KB 26/11/2020
       Useful websites and resources speech blog uk.pdf 208.4KB 26/11/2020
       what am I food themed cards.pdf 1.6MB 26/11/2020
       What am I guessingg game.pdf 6.4MB 26/11/2020
       What am I household everyday items.pdf 2.0MB 26/11/2020
       which one doesn't belong.pdf 1.2MB 26/11/2020
       why because cards.pdf 28.1MB 26/11/2020
Supporting Children with Social Emotional & Mental Health Needs (SEMH) at Home Resources
       5-Day Self-Love Challenge UK - Big Life Journal.pdf 12.3MB 26/11/2020
       101-Ways-to-Teach-Children-Social-Skills.pdf 2.5MB 26/11/2020
       123 Magic parent behaviour system.pdf 11.8KB 26/11/2020
       Awareness of Emotions and Triggers.pdf 858.7KB 26/11/2020
       Comic-Strip-Conversations.pdf 110.9KB 26/11/2020
       daily timetable fold strip idea.png 215.3KB 26/11/2020
       Dealing with an anxiety attack.pdf 342.7KB 26/11/2020
       Emotional Rollercoaster.pdf 371.5KB 26/11/2020
       Feelings Chart.pdf 389.7KB 26/11/2020
       Feelings Thermometer.pdf 718.9KB 26/11/2020
       Home Schedule & Now Next Board.jpg 49.9KB 26/11/2020
       I am an amazing person.pdf 858.5KB 26/11/2020
       if i am feeling ... i can....pdf 414.8KB 26/11/2020
       lego therapy can you build cards.pdf 1.4MB 26/11/2020
       Let's Feel Better.pdf 981.2KB 26/11/2020
       mindfulness challenge cards.pdf 1.0MB 26/11/2020
       My I Can journal.pdf 218.4KB 26/11/2020
       Support with Change to Routine.pdf 317.0KB 26/11/2020
       Supporting Children with LD ASD with COVID Isolation.pdf 3.6MB 26/11/2020
       The Happy News pack.pdf 27.6MB 26/11/2020
       Through my window art therapy.pdf 7.2MB 26/11/2020
       T-S-1764-Autism-TEACCH-Workstation-Resource-Pack_ver_1.zip 17.0MB 26/11/2020
       understanding emotions.pdf 41.3KB 26/11/2020
       visual timetable home learning 4.jpg 183.3KB 26/11/2020
       when I am anxious I can cards.pdf 838.0KB 26/11/2020
       Why am I not at school social story Coronavirus.pdf 6.9MB 26/11/2020
       WORKSTATION IDEAS.pdf 6.0MB 26/11/2020
Supporting Children with Sensory & Physical Needs (SPN) at Home Resources
       1st_Move a gross and fine motor skills resource.pdf 2.2MB 26/11/2020
       0218---sensory-circuits---info-for-teachers---april-2018.pdf 1000.3KB 26/11/2020
       Assert Yourself - 05 - Reducing Physical Tension relaxat... 165.9KB 26/11/2020
       At home core strength ideas.jpg 117.2KB 26/11/2020
       At home with handwriting.pdf 3.1MB 26/11/2020
       AtHomeWith_Handwriting1_5-7.pdf 2.5MB 26/11/2020
       coloured spaghetti cutting fine motor skills activity.png 1.0MB 26/11/2020
       developing fine motor skills.pdf 338.6KB 26/11/2020
       Developmental stages of writing.png 150.1KB 26/11/2020
       fine_motor_skills nhs.pdf 982.5KB 26/11/2020
       FineMotorActivitiesForHome.pdf 83.6KB 26/11/2020
       Fine-Motor-Skills-Checklist-Packet 0-6+.pdf 179.9KB 26/11/2020
       Frozen playdough scissor tip cutting lines.jpg 170.1KB 26/11/2020
       handwriting_development hand strength, legibility, spacin... 1.1MB 26/11/2020
       Herholdt Visual perception worksheets-Electronic (1).pdf 10.5MB 26/11/2020
       Match the characteristics of two pictures amongst other s... 255.4KB 26/11/2020
       motor-activities-to-improve-handwriting.pdf 52.8KB 26/11/2020
       ot-mom-free-cutting-templates.pdf 820.8KB 26/11/2020
       ot-mom-free-letter-formation-tips and strategies to help ... 897.3KB 26/11/2020
       Sensory activity ideas.pdf 11.4MB 26/11/2020
       Sensory and Phsyical Parent Support.docx 1.7MB 26/11/2020
       shape copying early handwriting skills.docx 555.2KB 26/11/2020
       Spatial Awareness Games.pdf 46.7KB 26/11/2020
       Spatial Awareness priary school age children.pdf 154.7KB 26/11/2020
       the-wiggle-jar move like an animal movement break cards.pdf 2.1MB 26/11/2020
       tp-f-0937-editable-cursive-writing-boards-38291.doc 142.5KB 26/11/2020
       tp-f-0938-editable-dotted-cursive-writing-boards-28191.doc 124.5KB 26/11/2020
General SEND Parent Resources
       Developing Independence and Routines
             age by age suggested chores around the home chart.pdf 1.9MB 26/11/2020
             brush_teeth visuals.pdf 32.8KB 26/11/2020
             chores with ages for around the home UK.jpg 106.2KB 26/11/2020
             evening routine visuals.pdf 32.1KB 26/11/2020
             Helping your child develop independence self care skills.pdf 808.9KB 26/11/2020
             morning routine how did it go reward chart boy.pdf 5.2MB 26/11/2020
             morning routine how did it go reward chart girl.pdf 4.4MB 26/11/2020
             morning routine visuals no medicine.pdf 27.7KB 26/11/2020
             toileting visuals 1.jpg 7.2KB 26/11/2020
             toileting visuals 2.jpg 8.7KB 26/11/2020
             toileting visuals 3.jpg 7.8KB 26/11/2020
             wash_hands visuals.pdf 32.6KB 26/11/2020
       One Page Profile - how does your child learn their likes and hobbies
             Blocks template.doc 317KB 26/11/2020
             Chocolate template.doc 333KB 26/11/2020
             dinosaur template.doc 311KB 26/11/2020
             dog-template.doc 509KB 26/11/2020
             Harry Pottertemplate.docx 373.7KB 26/11/2020
             Mr Tumble template.docx 341.7KB 26/11/2020
             Princesses-template.doc 484KB 26/11/2020
             template.docx 365.6KB 26/11/2020
             train template.doc 322.5KB 26/11/2020
       Reward Charts
             Blank reward chart jungle themed to edit personalise.pdf 255.0KB 26/11/2020
             My reward chart to personalise.docx 207.6KB 26/11/2020
             Reward chart blank to personalise.docx 13.3KB 26/11/2020
             Sleep hygiene advice for children GOSH.pdf 125.7KB 26/11/2020
             sleep_tips_for_children.pdf 331.0KB 26/11/2020
             sleepdiary (1).pdf 55.1KB 26/11/2020
             SleepDiary.pdf 2.3MB 26/11/2020
       suggested home time table.docx 13.4KB 26/11/2020
       Parent Friendly SEN Policy 249.3KB 26/11/2021
Final 2021 SEN Policy.pdf 373.5KB 12/11/2021
Priorslee Parent Friendly SEN Policy 11.21.pdf 164.5KB 12/11/2021
SEN Information Report 2019-20.pdf 285.0KB 12/11/2021
SEN Information Report 2020-21.pdf 338.9KB 12/11/2021
PRIORSLEE'S CORE OFFER 2021.pdf 90.7KB 12/11/2021
The Process of SEN at Priorslee.pdf 169.1KB 12/11/2021
Priorslee SEND in a nutshell 2020-21.pdf 351.8KB 12/11/2021
Cognition & Learning MLD Supporting in the classroom.pdf 43.1KB 07/01/2022
Accessibility.JPG 991.7KB 21/01/2022