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Please find links to Priorslee Academy policies.


If you have any questions or comments about any of our school policies then please pop in to the School Office or email Mrs Cooper: Jodie.Cooper@taw.org.uk 




We are a proud member of the Mighty Oaks Academy Trust, and some of our policies are created for the whole MAT (Multi Academy Trust). 




If you are unable to find any other information or would like a paper copy of a policy, please do contact our School Office who would be happy to assist you.

Filename Size Date
Admissions Policy 2019-20.pdf 364.2KB 26/11/2020
Admissions Policy 2020-21.pdf 364.3KB 26/11/2020
Complaints Policy 2019-20.pdf 179.1KB 26/11/2020
Disability and Equality Scheme (Accessibility Plan) 2019-... 264.3KB 26/11/2020
Exclusions - FAQs.pdf 435.8KB 26/11/2020
Exclusions Guidance 2017.pdf 600.4KB 26/11/2020
Exclusions Summary.pdf 1.0MB 26/11/2020
SEND Policy 2019-20.pdf 622.4KB 26/11/2020
Anti-Bullying Policy 2019-20.pdf 399.4KB 26/11/2020
COVID 19 Appendix to Priorslee Safeguarding Policy FINAL ... 154.2KB 26/11/2020
POSITIVE BEHAVIOUR POLICY - November 2020.pdf 271.9KB 26/11/2020
Priorslee Academy Remote Learning Offer 2020 -2021 EDITED... 227.8KB 27/01/2021
RISK ASSESSMENT - 28.05.2021 WEBSITE UPDATED.pdf 599.4KB 28/05/2021
CATCH UP 2020 - 2021 JULY 2021 REDACTED.pdf 163.8KB 19/08/2021
Priorslee Academy Long Term Plans 2021- 2022 FINAL- colou... 468.7KB 06/09/2021
_D1_2627.jpg 795.2KB 23/11/2021
_D1_3040.jpg 885.9KB 23/11/2021
_D1_2782.jpg 893.9KB 23/11/2021
Admissions Policy Entry September 2022.pdf 187.4KB 08/12/2021
Data Protection
       Consent Form Pupils - Nov 2021.pdf 72.6KB 15/03/2022
       DATA PROTECTION POLICY - November 2021.pdf 237.7KB 15/03/2022
       PRIVACY STATEMENT - PARENTS - Nov 2021.pdf 190.4KB 15/03/2022
       PRIVACY STATEMENT - STUDENTS - November 2021.pdf 191.3KB 15/03/2022
       Workforce Privacy Statement - Dec 2021.pdf 202.9KB 15/03/2022
Charging and Remissions Policy 2021-22.pdf 214.5KB 15/03/2022